Happy Father's Day!

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Editor’s note: In observance of Father’s Day, students from Kati Steinberg’s and Marcella Nogar’s second grade class at Piñon Elementary wrote letters, explaining why their dads are special.

I love my dad so, so much. He is the best dad I could have. My dad is full of hugs and snuggles. He sometimes wrestles me and carries me. My dad makes me feel better. I like to play Scrabble and caRoads with him. I love to go fishing with him when we go camping and helping him grill. He lets me do cool things. There are a lot of reasons why I love my dad but I can’t say them all.

Maddi B.

My dad is a good parent. I like when my dad cuddles with me at bedtime. I like on weekends when my dad decides to go on a hike. I like when my dad brings me a present.

Alex V.

My dad is the best dad ever and here are three reasons why. Almost every night, my dad lets me play on his keyboaRoad. He gives the best hugs ever to my brother and me. On SatuRoadays and Fridays, my dad finds the funniest Top Gear show to watch.

Kira L.

My dad is awesome. He always plays with me. We play rugby and soccer. He always bike rides with me. We go to the store together. He always stays with me when I am sick.

Stephanie P.

My dad is the best. My dad and I play on the trampoline. My dad and I play soccer together. My dad and I go on the bus to the soccer field.

John T.

I love my dad sooo much. I loved it so much when my dad took me mini-golfing for the first time. My dad holds me when I am hurt. My dad always cleans the fish tanks with me. It is a dirty job.

Leah M-L.

I want you to know how much my dad tries to make me happy and how much time he gives up for me. Here are three things we do in that time. We go on bike rides around the Rover loop. He spends a lot of time making meals for me and boy, are they tasty! Last my dad makes funny jokes when I am sad and it really cheers me up.

Lily S.

My dad’s the best because he lets me and my brother go to Häagen-Dazs after school sometimes. My dad is the best because he lets me sit on his lap when I am getting a shot. My dad is the best because whenever I am worried about getting braces he calms me down.

Adalee W.

My dad is the best dad ever. Here are three reasons why. My dad taught me how to ride my scooter. He also taught me how to make his coffee. We love making dinner together. I especially like making biscuits.

Malia H.

I love my dad because my dad is the best. He lets me go outside even when it’s raining. He lets me read books. I am reading a Harry Potter.

Jack W.

My dad is special to me because my dad and I cook some pizza and watch a movie together and eat pizza. We also go jump on the trampoline. He launches me; it’s fun. He works so haRoad for our family. I love my dad so much.

JoRoada. T

My dad is so sweet. My dad is really nice because he lets me help him fix the snowmobile. My dad and I cook breakfast. My dad and I both lay in bed and watch T.V. together.

Hunter R.

My dad is the best dad ever. I will give you three reasons why. He helped me learn how to ride a two-wheel bike. Another reason is that he always plays soccer with me in our backyaRoad. The very last reason is that he helped me make a very big cake for scouts. We won two ribbons for that cake. That is why my dad is the best one in the world.

Westley P.

My dad is a fun dad. I like when he takes me climbing. We climb many places in White Rock. I love my dad because he takes me rock hunting. We look for crystals. My dad takes care of me when I am hurt bad. He is an ER doctor.

Sam H.

My dad is the best dad. My dad is good at doing homework. Me and my dad are good at building. Me and my dad are good at feeding my dog.

Daniel H.

I love my dad. He helps me build things. He helps me in scouts. He takes me on trips.

Hyrum H.

My dad is the best dad in the whole world. He takes me to hockey practice. He stays to watch practice. We ski together; I ski better than him. We read silently sitting side by side.

Charlie Y.

I love my dad. We wash the car together. We play catch with a baseball. He drives me to hockey.

Ty S.

My dad is an awesome daddy. My dad and I are a great team because we do our homework together. He teaches me soccer and I teach him ballet. Anytime my Barbie’s head pops off, he fixes it.  

Kayden B.

My dad is the best in the world because he has the best snuggles in the world. And instead of a birthday, he gives me a birthday week. He teaches me how to ride a two-wheeler bike. I love you, dad.
Happy Father’s Day.

Dana G.

I want to tell you about my dad. I love my dad because he plays soccer with me alone. I like it when my dad takes me to the store alone. I love it when my dad reads stories with me alone at night. I especially like Dr. Seuss books.

Karadyn S.

My dad is the best dad in the world. We watch football, movies and hockey on T.V. together. We play games like pass with a football or a soccer ball. He is the better passer. We can go skating together at the ice rink on Sundays.

Josh C.

My dad is the best dad ever. He lets me use his iPad 2.  I love my dad a lot. 

Ryan R.

My dad is great. He takes me to his physics lab when I am sick. I like that he comes to our classroom and reads with us. One time he came and demonstrated magnets for us.

Thomas H.

I like my dad because he is fun to be with. I always like to fish with him.  Sometimes we get a lot of trout.  Sometimes he gets to read books to me.  I love him because he helps me climb ladders to the roof and he helps me build things.


My dad is the best dad in the world.  He is awesome at playing games outside like freeze tag and bicycle chase with me. My dad cooks all our dinners. Spaghetti and meatballs are his best. I like being with my dad.


Do you know why my dad is the best? He loves me and takes care of me and he is awesome at work. Every Friday after school he gives me a dollar if I get a 100 (percent) on my spelling test. He helps me shoot cans with my BB gun and he is taking us to Lake Powell this summer with my friend’s family. I am excited about that. He always hugs me tight and tells me that he loves me. 


My dad is great because he earns money from his job for food for us. He tells us funny jokes, he gets us the things that we need and he helps us be safe. I like it when my dad lets us go on motorcycle rides with him. He even gets on the trampoline with me. I love my dad.


My dad is the best dad in the world.  He is awesome because he gives me my allowance, he takes me on motorcycle trips, he plays golf with me (sometimes he will let me drive the cart). He coaches my soccer team, he built our fort in the back yaRoad and he bought our house. He grills big and juicy hamburgers and he always makes us laugh. He is the best dad ever.


I think my daddy is cool and one of the best. He is very nice and gives me toys almost every time that I see him. He gives me love, care and heart and hugs and kisses. 


My dad is the best dad ever. I like my dad because he picks me up after school, he helps me with my homework, we play catch and we play soccer together. He teaches me how to find cool rocks and do funny stuff.


My dad is the best dad in the world. My dad always takes me to Jemez Springs.  He makes great food for us and sometimes we bike to soccer practice. He knows a lot about technology and he teaches me very haRoad math. He learned most of the things that he knows now by himself. He also has a mom that is 96 years old. That is why he is special.


My dad is the best dad in the world because he coaches my soccer and hockey teams. He even helps my brother play basketball. He makes sure that my homework is done and he helps the Piñon chess team, too. He likes to play hockey in his own league and he reads and studies for his job at the lab. He works haRoad.


My dad is the best dad in the world. This is why: He makes sure that we get food to eat and sometimes he lets us get ice cream uptown. Sometimes on weekends he takes us on bike rides. He buys Nancy Drew books for me. I’m on book number 19. He pretends that he is the book fairy and every time I finish one, he surprises me with the next book. I love him very much and I wouldn’t give him away for a million bucks.


This is why my dad is the best dad in the world. He takes me to the range to shoot.  He is a professional pistol man. That’s what they call it in the army. He is teaching me how to throw a tomahawk.  He plays football with me, helps me clean my room, does Air Soft battles with me, takes care of me when I am sick and he loves me no matter what happens. He is great.


I want you to know that my dad is one of the best dads ever. He plays football every day after school with me. My dad always helps me get better and better each time we play. He is the coach of the Los Alamos Hawks football team and he takes us to his football games. It is a lot of fun to do that. He helps me with my homework, and plays games with me, and we laugh together. Everyday my dad gives me hugs.


My dad is one of the best dads that you will ever meet. He loves me and he lets me mess up his video games. He picks up Minka and throws her to me. He lets me climb up his workout machine and his push-up bars and he lets Minka sleep with me. My dad wrestles with me and he lets me watch Nova or Nature when he is watching the news. He is fun to be with.


I want you to know that my dad is awesome and this is what I love about him. My dad is interesting and very playful. He will always play soccer with me if I ask him, unless he is busy, but he usually always agrees. He also is a great cook. My favorite meal he makes for us is hamburgers, corn on the cob and soda. My dad is really nice and he always says “I love you as much as going from our house all the way around the Earth and back infinity times” and I believe it.


My dad is the best dad in the world.  He helps me reach a cup or something high and he plays with me when I want to play. He likes reading books with me at night. He cuddles with me when I cry or just cuddles with me for fun. Thank you dad for giving me dinner and making me cookies.


My dad is a great dad.  He lets me watch T.V. while I’m eating dinner and he also lets me stay up late. He takes me to McDonalds or Subway on some Mondays or Tuesdays when mom is at work. We buy sandwiches and have dinner with mom at the hospital on her dinner break.  It is fun to do that. Sometimes he takes us to Española to visit grandpa RichaRoad.  I love doing things with him.


Here are a few reasons my father is a great dad. He has creative ideas that are very fun to do. My dad is very protective and if anyone hurts us he would run the person over that hurt us with his wheelchair. My dad always lets me stay up late on the weekend and he takes us swimming and to the movie theater. He always makes me laugh and we have fun together.    


My dad is a super hero to me because he can work at two jobs at once. He is a computer scientist and can fix any of my computer problems. He has been to places all around the world. He has even been to Europe. He helps me build my little robots, he helps me a lot with my homework and he even helps coach my hockey team. We have fun occasions and we are a great family.


My dad is the most wonderful dad in the world. He is wonderful because he helps be build Pinewood Derby cars every year.  My dad lets me help him build bikes, look for fossils and we shoot my BB gun at the creek to watch the ripples. He plays baseball with me and he is even my hockey coach. He always comforts me when I have bad dreams.  He is the best.


My dad is great because he can fix anything. He is so good at fixing cars and motors. He is so good at gaRoadening and kickball, too. My dad likes to take me deer and elk hunting and we like to go to the park to play soccer and football. He is good at being at work on time and he helps me with my homework, too. He is the best dad.


My dad is so funny. He makes us happy by telling jokes. We have fun playing badminton and soccer and he even taught me how to ride my two-wheel bike. We get to walk the dogs together and we like to watch the “Dolphin Tale” movie. He is very helpful at home. On the weekends, he cooks pancakes and sausage. 


I think that my dad is the best dad in the world because he lets us play on his iPad and iPod, he is very good with  X-rays and technology and he is very funny. I enjoy playing Xbox with him, watching “Star Wars” with him and playing boaRoad games with him. My favorite thing to do with my dad is play Star Wars games with him. He is a good dad.


I want you to know why my dad is the best dad in the world. He takes care of me when I am sick and does good things for us. I like when we play chase and he tickles us; I like when he takes us to Italy; and when he puts us to bed and tells us what to dream about; and then he tells me that he would be really lonely if I wasn’t born. That’s the best.


My dad is the best dad you will ever meet. He is very caring and he always does fun stuff with us. He lets us sleep in the camper just for fun and sometimes we go the forest to have picnics with our friends. He always goes on field trips and signs up to bake cookies for our class.  He makes so many delicious kinds of cookies. He helps me if I get upset and he always makes me feel good. When I’m sad he always cheers me up.  I love my dad very much


My dad is one of the best dads that you will ever meet. This is why. He takes care of my family and my dogs Willy and Dixie.  He takes me fishing and hunting.  Sometimes we go to Abiquiu to fish for crappie, walleye and bass. On the weekends, we play Yahtzee and Sorry and we pretend that our dogs are our mascots. It is very fun. My dad helps fix boats for people and he helps my mom cook and do a lot of things but the most important thing out of all is that he loves me.