Guns not to blame for violence

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Here we go again! Another individual blaming the guns instead of the psychos that are committing these heinous crimes that have been occurring in our country.
Yes, the schools have a posted no guns policy which is just the kind of school these lunatics are looking for. It’s just like businesses putting “No Guns Allowed” signs in their windows, which translates into “Please Come Rob Us.”
But after 17 years of having the gun show at the Pueblo Gym why protest it now?
Let’s leave the emotion out of our debates and follow them up with facts. It is not the guns that are the problem, but the mental and moral attitudes of our youth.
Do your research and you will find that the individuals, or groups, that are committing these horrible massacres are indeed mental cases, or young people that have not been raised appropriately by their parents.
That’s right I said parents. Good parenting is a thing of the past. No longer do they instill moral values into their children and teach them right from wrong, but they don’t discuss and reemphasize that killing is wrong and you should treat others as you would have them treat yourselves.
It also wouldn’t hurt to reintroduce these morals back into the school curriculum and do it at a very young age.
I don’t know what Attorney Ms. Schick spoke to but I question their sources and their validity. Pueblo Gym is not subject to the rules governing other active school grounds where children are present. It is a leased property and can be leased to anyone the school chooses. Yes, even “neo-Nazis” if the school sees it beneficial or profitable. This gun show is a great money maker for the schools and always has been.
The Gun Club brings in a great deal of outside vendors who spend their money at our local restaurants and hotels and every purchase is also charged sales tax that benefits Los Alamos and New Mexico.
And yes, the local NJROTC also participates and is compensated for their participation. The gun club offers them assistance in their marksmanship training, as well as donating and participating in their fund drives.
So Ms. Schick, lose the emotion and let’s start speaking in facts and get rid of the paranoia about the guns.
Robert Viser
Los Alamos