Gun show protester creating the problem

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Ms. Nancy Schick is expending considerable effort trying to create the perception of a problem where none actually exists. Until she started her agitation, few if any in the community cared where the annual gun show was held.
That is probably still true, except possibly for now-disquieted folk who have unthinkingly succumbed to her campaign.
The reaction of the superintendent and school administration was entirely reasonable because most of her arguments are specious and somewhat insulting.
An example of the latter is her not-so-subtle attempt to associate the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club with a “neo-Nazi white supremacist group.”
The “gun free zone” advocacy has always been interesting. Ms Schick seems to be among those who have never noted the correlation (quite likely even a causal relationship) between such zones and atrocities. The list is huge and worldwide, including schools, fast food joints, commercial firms and notably Utoya, Norway, among many others.
If there were such a thing as truth in advertising, a disclaimer would be required. “This is a gun free zone. Neither you nor your children can be protected.”
As for students, the issue is most likely irrelevant for them, at least until they become exposed and vulnerable to Ms. Schick’s propaganda.
The Pueblo Complex isn’t a school, nor has it been one for a long time; it’s a commercial property owned by the district, and Ms. Schick’s moralizing shouldn’t determine its use.
To the extent that there’s a problem, it belongs to her, not the community. She obviously has every right to speak. So also, the community has every right to ignore her. That should be the proper course of action, with one exception.
As she suggests, we should communicate with the school board and Superintendent Gene Schmidt (e.schimdt@laschools.net) — expressing our support and appreciation for the administration’s sensible response to her agitation.
Charles Kooshian
Los Alamos