Governor’s action places childcare ability at risk for New Mexico families

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Childcare in New Mexico is vital for a sound and growing economy.
Childcare is now in jeopardy as the governor has implemented a 10 percent (possibly cut to 8 percent) reduction in the reimbursement rate for families receiving childcare assistance.  
As the Executive Director of a small center, I can attest that such cuts in provider rates will prompt more centers to turn-down Staid Aid families.  
Our center loses about $30k in revenue due to the 7-8 State Aid children we take each year.  
Centers cannot afford such losses and stay in business, yet the low-income families do not have money to make up the difference.
These are the families who can least afford an increase and are near or below the Federal Poverty Level.   
I urge you to extend the emergency TANF funds.

Cheri Host
Los Alamos