Gov announces stipends for teachers

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Governor Susana Martinez announced Wednesday that a new education reform initiative will pay 400 New Mexico teachers an additional $5,000 to work with students in struggling schools or to help students earn Advanced Placement (AP) credits.
The first step in the initiative will reward 100 teachers who agree to move from a school with a grade of an A or B to a school with a D or F grade. Teachers must commit to a minimum of two years at the struggling school in order to receive the stipend.
Additionally, 300 teachers—currently instructing AP classes—will be eligible for an incentive. Awards will be based on teachers who increase the number of students successfully passing AP courses.
For the class of 2012, more than 4,800 students participated in AP courses, but just under 2,500 successfully passed. Students who successfully complete AP courses and exams receive credit toward graduation and credit toward a college degree at almost any university in the United States. “Our teachers who take on the biggest challenges and deliver results for our students deserve to be rewarded,” said Governor Susana Martinez. “We need those teachers who are successful to share their practices in our struggling schools so that we can spread success across our state. We also want to help those AP teachers who are preparing our students for success at the next level.”