Go with experience

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 The county council is going through an elaborate procedure to select a replacement for Jim West. Well and good, but the fact is Ken Milder has already been elected. He received 5,072 votes in the recent election, 1,409 more votes than the remaining candidate. In other words, 5,072 people have already voted for Ken.

Furthermore, he has demonstrated his commitment by standing for election, going through the expense and the work and the public exposure. The council may want to invoke various criteria for the position, but Milder’s commitment would, in my opinion, be highly important. Beyond that, Ken Milder has more council experience than any other person in town. He has performed admirably more than 12 years as  a council member. He has also served 12 years as a member of the Utilities Board. Who can match that record? Some may disagree with some of Ken’s decision on the council – including me – but no one can question his commitment and experience.

    The Charter clearly states “the remaining Councilors shall appoint a qualified person to fill” this position. The council may legally appoint anyone who can get a majority vote of the council, but it is hard to imagine anyone who would apply who would be better qualified than Ken Milder.

I urge the council to give their support to Ken Milder.

Los Alamos