Go back in time with 'The Croods'

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By Ben Hanlon

“The Croods,” DreamWorks, newest film directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, is a computer-generated family film loaded with action and adventure, with a little humor on the side.
Set in prehistoric times, “The Croods” are the last Neanderthal family to survive the constant threats from wild beasts and the elements.
The family, consisting of father Grug (the voice of Nicolas Cage), wife Ugga (voiced by Catherine Keener), teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone), son Thunk (Clark Duke),  Gran (Cloris Leachman) and baby Sandy (Randy Thom) live in a deep, dark cave almost all of the time.  
Grug will only allow the family to venture out of the cave when they need food. This is hard for teenager, Eep, who is curious and wants to explore the world beyond the cave.
Sneaking out one night to find out what a strange light is, Eep meets another teen named Guy, (Ryan Reynolds) who introduces her to fire.  
Guy is the only survivor of his family but he has a companion, a sloth named Belt (Chris Sanders).
Guy explains to Eep that this part of the world is about to be destroyed and that he is on his way to find a new place to live. He invites Eep to go with him, but she refuses and Guy leaves.  
Grug wakes up and finds Eep missing. He searches and finds her and escorts her back to the cave, but just as they reach their home, a gigantic earthquake shakes and shifts the ground and the family narrowly escapes the cave before it collapses.  
But they are not out of danger because they fall off a cliff and land in a jungle. They meet up with Guy, who saves them from man-eating birds with his fire. The family motto has always been “never not be afraid” because exploring or trying new things could result in death.
As the family and Guy search for a new home in the new land, they learn they must overcome their fears to survive.
The earthquake, moving lava and chase scenes make the movie very exciting. The imaginary and unique creatures and landscapes are very entertaining and colorful.  
“The Croods” is of reasonable length — not too long or too short — at 96 minutes. It is definitely a family movie that kids will really enjoy and is entertaining for older viewers, too.
“The Croods” can be seen in 2D and 3D and is rated PG.