Give loved ones the gift of time this season

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By Kirsten Laskey

Not being particularly skilled at making crafts usually makes me seek other options for holiday presents. Just trying to cut in a straight line is a challenge. When I was little, I read a holiday story about a girl who made all her own presents, which encouraged me to reconsider handmade gifts.

Following the character’s idea, I pulled out magazines, glue and scissors, and began decorating everything from shoeboxes to cardboard jewelry boxes for my mom.

Whether they were truly beautiful or not, my mother would graciously oooh and ahhhh over all of them.

Furthermore, while books, hand lotions and coffee mugs I had given her over the years seemed to fade from memory, she still has a cardboard box I covered with pictures of roses, peonies and other flowers — proving handmade gifts really do pack a punch.

If you are like me and struggle with creating something with your own two hands, there is no need fret. Los Alamos businesses offer a plethora of supplies to make unique gifts for the holidays.

For instance, at Village Arts, located at 216 DP Road, offers art supplies to make just about anything.

Co-owner Ken Nebel said the store carries sculpting clay, books, tie-dye kits, glitter, paint pens, easels, paints, ribbons, different types of paper, scratch boards and cards.

Plus, the store offers mats and frames to complete a project.

Nebel said hand-made gifts are great ones to receive because they carry a lot of meaning.

“I guess the most important part is time,” he said. “You can tell you care about somebody if you put in the time and effort.”

Plus, hand-made gifts are more personable, Nebel added. “It’s a great way to cater to people.”

Other art supplies are available at Pandy’s Quilt Store, located at 13 Sherwood Blvd. in White Rock.

Owner Pandy Lolos said the store carries materials to make holiday aprons, Christmas stockings and placemats.

Additionally, there are quilt books and sewing machines.

Lolos praised hand-made gifts, too. “They’re usually made with love … it’s the gift of time that goes into making it.”