Gibbs-Jackson is new Circulation Manager

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By Tris DeRoma

The Los Alamos Monitor’s new circulation manager has many plans for her new job, but just one goal: newspaper delivery done right.
“My goal is to ensure everybody gets their paper, and gets it on time,” said Thalia Gibbs-Jackson, whose first day at the Los Alamos Monitor was Tuesday.
Gibbs-Jackson is a resident of Los Alamos who formerly lived in Santa Fe and is a native of Georgia.
Gibbs-Jackson said she moved to New Mexico in 2005 after experiencing one too many big storms living in various places in the South.
“After experiencing three back-to-back hurricanes and a tornado, I said, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m moving to higher ground,’” she said. “I fell in love with New Mexico. I absolutely love it here.”
“We’re very happy that Thalia has decided to join our team,” said Publisher Ben Carlson. “We hope the community joins us in welcoming her into our family.”
Besides its beautiful scenery, Gibbs-Jackson said she also likes how Los Alamos had a strong arts scene, and that there is plenty of room to work.
As someone who is also an accomplished fiber artist, she thought that was very important.
“Just like in Santa Fe, there is a vibrant arts community here as well,” she said. “It’s a community that’s very supportive of the arts, and I just love the fact that Los Alamos has a world-class library.”
If you’re interested in the art she creates you can visit her blog at phoenixecofashions.blogspot.com, where she writes about her art.
“I write about the things that I make and educate people about recycling, and what recycling actually means,” she said. “Most of what I do, the things that a I create, like the baskets, the recycled cover journals, clothing items, they’re all made from recycled materials.”
The work ethic that’s made her a successful artist she hopes to use in her new job at the Los Alamos Monitor.
“I think customer service is important in just about anything you do,” she said. “If you give good customer service, you’re going to get repeat customers.”