General information on assets is this month’s goal

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By The Staff

The first week of assets month, has been great. If the community is ready for the game plan, we have one.

Our plan is to break the assets down into the eight categories and pay tribute to one category a month. The plan will go like this:

• September — Commitment to learning;

• October — Support;

• November — Empowerment;

• December/January — Positive identity;

• February — Social competencies;

• March — Positive values;

• April — Constructive use of time; and

May — Boundaries and expectations.

Our goal is to send out information on the assets in small bites so you can add things to your daily routine that will begin to build assets in our youth. Don’t worry, it won’t cost a thing and the steps are simple things that anyone can do with no formal training.

This month we hope to get information out about the assets in general. I’m sure you’ve seen that they can be provided in a variety of languages for no fee. We want to know from the community what they want and how they want it.

One time, I overheard a parent that said they didn’t know about an event. I asked them how we were supposed to reach them if they didn’t read it in the newspaper or hear it on KRSN. They said a banner on the overpass would help get the word out.

The idea was a good one, but what if I can’t afford 40 banners? You know for the 40 Assets? The truth is, I can’t even afford eight banners, for the eight categories. The good news is that I could afford two and they are beautiful! They’re located just outside of CB Fox department store and I couldn’t be happier. They were displayed just after the County Council issued the proclamation on Tuesday night. Thanks Mr. Holsapple!

Another great thing that took place this week was a second landscape party at Chamisa Elementary. School staff, parents, community members and youth alumni all turned out to make the place look a little nicer this week.

Becky Sims, Sabina Johns, Kim and Bruce Letellier, Kathy and Steve Boerigter, Cayla Aikin and Megan Armstrong pulled weeds, grabbed shovels and got to work helping new Principal Debbie Smith get ready for the new school year.

This was just one way the people involved helped to build the assets of staff and students by creating a caring school climate and caring neighborhood. If you can offer assistance to a site, just visit our Web site at www.AssetsInAction.info and let us know how you’re willing to help.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos, which is a community building program of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Assets In Action is sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and she is aided in her endeavors by the Los Alamos Monitor and AM 1490 KRSN.