Gay marriage in Los Alamos

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After reading County Clerk Sharon Stover’s comments regarding marriage equality in the Los Alamos Monitor yesterday, there a few things I would like to point out.

As of this week, the Doña Ana County Clerk is giving out licenses to same sex couples, and a District judge ordered the Santa Fe Clerk to begin issuing licenses Friday.

Ms. Stover was quoted Wednesday as saying “Our office will wait until the courts and/or the legislature acts.”
Well. The courts have acted and Attorney General Gary King says he will not take action against clerks who issue these licenses.

By refusing to allow gay couples to get married in Los Alamos, I believe Ms. Stover is being discriminatory. Must we waste time and taxpayer money in the local courts to “force” her do the right thing?

There were no protests at the Doña Ana court where same sex couples married this week. (Which is in southern New Mexico, usually a conservative area.)

When asked what she would do if a gay couple sought a license from her office, Ms. Stover said she would inform them that, “Doña Ana has them.” Not very helpful.

Who is she to stand in the way of loving partners who want the same rights straight people in this county have?

Will Los Alamos, an educated and usually forward thinking county, be the last to implement a basic civil right, due to a clerk’s unwillingness to fulfill her duties?

I encourage Ms. Stover (who is paid by our tax dollars) to end this unfair discrimination.
Amy Storey
Los Alamos