Fundraisers help LA Middle School and PTO

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

While nothing may surprise middle school age students, Los Alamos Middle School Principal Rex Kilburn had something sweet up his sleeve, as October came to a close.
As a matter of fact, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Vest Orthodontics had something sweet, up his sleeves, on his head and all over his face. The reason, one might ask? The answer is simple, just a little fundraising and a little pie in the face.
“I am so happy to have a such a busy and active PTO this year,” Kilburn said. I am especially pleased that a lot of energy is being out towards raising money to support my students and staff.”
Kilburn is no stranger when it comes to taking one for the team and been showered in great bits of goobly gook before, in order to benefit his students.
PTO provided the legwork and Vest Orthodontics treated every student to a sling-bag — the cool school version of a backpack. Students received a bag as they entered the gym and inside, some found the golden opportunity to pie the principal, in the face.
“The students were very excited to see their principal take one for the team,” Kilburn said. “I hope my willingness to be ‘pied,’ will garner extra money for the PTO’s fundraiser. However, the next pie I take in the face will not be as easy to get.
The fundraiser hasn’t reached their goal with lots of new projects and purchases planned to benefit students. It is much further down the path will the donation from Vest.
“Dr. Vest-thank you so much for your support that provided the drawstring backpacks to all of my students,” Kilburn said. “During my tenure here at the middle school your financial contribution is the largest single one that I can recall.”
On Dec. 3, the PTO will be treating staff with sweets for the sweet, at their monthly PTO meeting. The team will also be presenting their plan for teacher reimbursements as a result of a fundraising strategy.
While they didn’t reach their goal, the parents and guardians of the Hawks, did contribute enough to pay for some extras and have money to assist with capital improvement projects.
Other Los Alamos Middle School Hawks, Jon Doorn, Jeremyah Palmer-Scott, Andrea Simon and Evan Carter are some of the students participating in Read to Feed, to raise funds to help others in need, throughout the world.
“The Read-to-Feed fundraiser helps our students to look beyond their own needs and circumstances to realize that there are always people in the world who are less fortunate than they are,” said Dana Kline, a seventh grade language arts teacher. “I am so proud of my students — my voracious readers! — who are reading and collecting money to donate to this important organization, Heifer International.”
Those wishing to make a donation contact Kline at 663-2447 or via email at d.kline@laschools.net
To learn more about the LAMS PTO, visit the Hawk website, or the PTO Facebook page for more information. Donations can always be mailed directly to the school at 2101 Hawk Drive.