Fund schools, cut elsewhere

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By The Staff

I know that most people are struggling with the way things are going these days. I, for one, am struggling with the way our society views education.

We want our children to be the smartest and have the best educational opportunities in the world. I’m all for that, but that means we need to treat our educational system and those who teach our children with a little more consideration. It takes money to keep our schools in order and up to date and more money to buy books and programs for the children to use. It also takes money to acquire and keep the people around to teach our children. The federal and state legislatures do not understand the importance of our schools when they feel that schools and teachers are the first place to cut money. Increasing insurance premiums for teachers is not acceptable.

Schools are our future and our children deserve to get the best possible background to compete in the world. Good teachers can make that happen, but if the budget squeezes them out, we are not looking at a bright future.

These are certified people who not only are not getting raises but whose salaries are being cut. I’m preparing to retire after 32 years of teaching and I love to teach children. Around me I see fairly new, great teachers who are getting discouraged quickly. We need them to stay and to love teaching our children.

We have other options like making big box stores pay taxes here in New Mexico. Let’s think about how to fix the budget by other means than cutting the school budget. It’s important to look at this and think about our future.

Judith Bjarke-McKenzie

Los Alamos