Fulfilling a dream

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By Kirsten Laskey

Darlene Bawden always wanted to be an artist, but having a husband and six children made this dream difficult to follow.

It was not until she saw a few watercolors by Secundino Sandoval that Bawden was inspired to take action.

By following her dream, Bawden has been invited  to host her own show at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. The show, which features 11 watercolors, will be displayed through May 30.

In addition to this show, Bawden also participated in the “Four Seasons”  juried show earlier this year at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge.

Fulfilling her desire to be an artist is something Bawden has done completely on her own.

She is a self-taught artist. She went to Mesa Public Library and took out every book she could on watercolors and started experimenting.

Bawden explained she chose watercolors because “It’s easy. I tried oils first and I just couldn’t do oils.”

She has a very relaxed approach to her work. “It’s just fun,” Bawden said. “I feel the urge to paint and whatever comes out at the end of the paint brush is what comes out.”

Being a nature buff, Bawden said she goes into the great outdoors and takes pictures of things that catch her eyes and then returns home to paint them.

The paintings at the senior center are still-life images, landscapes and depictions of people.

“I guess you could say it’s varied,” she said.

Bawden has painted for two–and– a–half years and she is eager to continue her dream of being an artist.