Former Art Center Board chair sentenced for unruly behavior

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Kilgour to serve 180 days unsupervised probation

By Carol A. Clark

Former board chair Phil Kilgour of the Art Center at Fuller Lodge plead guilty to disorderly conduct earlier this month.

Police initially charged Kilgour with assault after he became enraged at a May board meeting, stood up and flipped a large table over, barely missing Board Secretary Maria Theye and her lap top.

Kilgour is heard on tape screaming, “This is anarchy, anarchy, I’m the chairman, let me chair, this is anarchy” after Vice Chair Susannah Smith and board member Patricia Kokesh insisted he stick to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Smith described Kilgour’s rage at the time saying he held his fist up to Kokesh’s face yelling, “I want to hurt you, I want to hurt you.” He was running around the second floor pounding the air with his fist, she said.

ACFL Executive Director John Werenko said at the time,  “The meeting had adjourned and I left, then I heard a crash. I saw Mr. Kilgour doubled over with purple lips. He was upset and I told him to go home and I helped him to his car. The police arrived and I met with them and told them there was an altercation and no one was hurt and that was it.”

In an interview after he was charged with assault, Kilgour suggested he lost control of his temper because he had a sinus infection, was taking antihistamines, had a cough and was taking cough drops.

In the ensuing melee, he broke his glasses and crushed his cough drops, according to on-scene witnesses.

Kilgour had served on the ACFL board for three years.

The judge sentenced Kilgour to 180 days of unsupervised probation and ordered that he have no contact whatsoever with Kokesh.

Kilgour resigned from the board in June.

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