Forging bonds with barbecue

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By The Staff

The Annual Chili Line Picnic started with just one church – the Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church – sharing fellowship and barbecue. Now, 15-20 years later, the picnic tables seat members  from several churches. In addition to Trinity on the Hill, St. Jermone’s Espiscopal from Chama and St. Stephen’s in Española participate in the event.

The event will be Sunday at the Rancho de Nambé, a bed and breakfast located in Nambé. Holy Eucharist will start the event off at 10:30 a.m.  Also, the Trinity on the Hill’s children’s choir will perform. After the service, a pot luck meal will be served. Participants will bring their own main and side dishes while the church will supply the utensils, plates and cups.

Although unity between the churches is being celebrated at the picnic, there is a little bit of a competition. Participants work to earn the best dessert title.

Following the picnic, there will be a number of games such as egg relays and sack races.

Cheryl King of Trinity of the Hill commented that the Chili Line Picnic started with just Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, but 15-20 years ago, the Chili Line ministry was formed. She explained St. Jermone’s and St. Stephen’s are mission churches and Trinity on the Hill works to help the missions in any way it can.

King added the Trinity on the Hill meets with the mission churches every two months to determine what their needs are and strive to help meet those needs.

The picnic, she said, is an opportunity to socialize more with some of the area’s churches. “We have the picnic with them and have a lot of fun,” King said.