Forge ties in the neighborhood

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By The Staff

This week, we take a look at Asset #13, Neighborhood Boundaries. According to the Search Institute, “Neighbors and friends’ parents help monitor the child’s behavior and provide feedback to the parent(s).”

As we slide into summer, neighborhood boundaries are great assets for our focus. This is an excellent time to plan some neighborhood activities for youth to keep them busy and establish relationships.

A pick-up football game on the street, especially if you’re lucky enough to live on a cul de sac or at the nearest park, is a great idea. This is a chance to involve anyone on the block, especially the fellas who may not have any family nearby. The truth is, the worst they could say is, “No, thanks.”

This is also prime BBQ season, so plan a block party. Have a few neighbors pick a date and do it potluck style.

Don’t make formal invitations, don’t do it inside anyone’s house and then no one has to do any extra cleaning or preparation. The gathering is what will help set boundaries.

Youth see people in the neighborhood you associate with and those relationships can eventually turn into a safety net for the future.