Football: Predicting games ain't no pic-a-nic...

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By Mike Cote

OK, so maybe my NFL playoff picks didn't go quite as well last week as they could've. Personally, I blame that "Yogi Bear" movie.

How could anyone think it was a good idea to make a movie about Yogi Bear? He wasn't that funny 50 years ago and he certainly hasn't aged very well. How did anyone think they could score big bucks in theaters by resurrecting him now when almost no kid in the world has any emotional attachment to him?

The question is so mind-boggling I'm certain the Saints defense, the Colts offense and the Colts coaching staff were rattling that around their collective heads instead of worrying about playing football last week.

I simply didn't take the awesome power of that movie into account when making my picks last week.

The Saints did nothing to stop the mediocre offense of the Seahawks. A healthy 36-point showing does you little good if your defense coughs up 41 against an aging, ailing quarterback and a running game that did nothing for the last month of the regular season.