Follow your own expectations

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By The Staff

This week we take a look at Asset #15, High Expectations. According to the Search Institute, youth are more likely to grow up healthy when their parents have high expectations.

This Asset scares me a bit because sometimes we can become so data driven that we can’t see a good result as a result of being too focused on the number.

There are so many things that create a successful life that we need to be mindful of all the potential held by each and every child.

If we look at standard measures of success, they are quite often beauty or financial measures. If we only use those measures of success, we miss a lot of opportunities along the way.

There are reports generated on sheer data, but often another measure called qualitative highlights some attributes not demonstrated by numbers.

That matter stated, we should have equally high expectations, not just for numbers on a grading scale or a sporting field, but for integrity, service to others and respect.

There are so many students in the community who are outstanding in their service to community and to others, but their efforts don’t always garner the spotlight. It looks nice when applying for a scholarship, but should also be heralded throughout the community.