Folks, we're on a roller coaster ride

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If the times we’re living through could be anymore consequential for the future of this Republic, it would be hard to imagine.
Iran is working to get a nuclear weapon, Israel makes noises about making a pre-emptive strike against them, and America’s current ability to influence an outcome for the benefit of preserving peace is clearly impotent.
Greece is headed toward a financial default, which will set in motion further disruption and adverse impact on international financial markets, including ours. And it doesn’t help matters that the United States government continues its reckless spending and adding to its record deficit.
This sends an unsettling message to the world’s other major economies and promotes a lack of confidence in our leadership at a time when the United States, the world’s largest economy, should be the bulwark of stability.
We have partisan bickering at a level none of us can ever remember existing, yet President Obama makes it worse by abdicating his role as the president of every American citizen and purposely fans the flames of class warfare and the politics of envy.
Nowhere in our entire history has a president ever been so divisive, pitting Americans against each other, regardless of how ugly or hard hitting their respective elections have been.
Yet, while we ride this proverbial roller coaster through the coming year, I remain cautiously optimistic we’re going to get through this OK — albeit beat up and in bad need of repair.
When Japan attacked the United States in 1941 — to its everlasting regret — it “awakened a sleeping giant.” The events we are now experiencing are similarly awakening people in this great country who are beginning to understand that, rise or fall, we are all in this together.
I appreciate all of you who take a moment to read this monthly newsletter and encourage you to find a way to participate in bringing this country back to its greatness.
Inspirational leadership will emerge, the people will be heard, and the independence and freedoms we should never take for granted will be sustained. To borrow an appropriate quote from the late Martin Luther King, “We shall overcome!”

Allen Weh
Albuquerque business executive, military veteran and former candidate for governor of New Mexico