Firefighter set to dispute exposure rap

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In-house probe results in reinstatement

By Carol A. Clark

Brandon Gore has returned to work as a Los Alamos firefighter after an administrative investigation found him fit for duty.

Gore was arraigned in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Dec. 15. He pled not guilty to an indecent exposure charge during a court hearing on Dec. 20. He requested a trial by jury, which is set for 2:15 p.m. Monday.

Gore, 25, lives in Edgewood. The charge stems from an incident that occurred in Bernalillo County Nov. 28.

He told a Bernalillo County sheriff that he was a little drunk from the previous night and was walking to clear his head. As he approached a pedestrian bridge, he had to urinate, looked around and did not see anyone so he relieved himself.

According to the police report, Gore told the sheriff that he saw a female approaching so he started walking and once he passed her on the bridge realized he was exposed. He told the sheriff that he was very embarrassed by the incident.

“There’s nothing more that I want to do than clear up this misunderstanding with the public – unfortunately because there is still an active investigation being conducted – I’ve been advised by my attorney against disclosing any details at this time,” Gore said during an interview Thursday. “However, I’m looking forward to moving in a positive direction and putting this incident behind us.”  

Fire Chief Doug Tucker said Gore’s administrative investigation has concluded and that he is assigned to the training academy.

“Our main concern is the security and safety of the citizens we serve and that we deploy trustworthy and reliable people,” Tucker said. “We all regret firefighter Gore’s decision and action at the time but we have satisfied our administrative process. I have issued disciplinary action against firefighter Gore and he understands that there are consequences for his actions.

“As a Los Alamos firefighter, we hold him to a high standard. Through disciplinary action his situation is being rectified and he’ll be returned to duty at the appropriate time.”

Tucker said that once all actions are completed and his LANL clearance and EMT license are reinstated, Gore will return to full duty.