Fire out at TA-39

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The blaze was in a previously burned area

By John Severance

A fire at Technical Area 39 was confined Wednesday to a 3-3.5-acre area in a previously burned area. On Friday morning, lab spokesperson Steve Sandoval said the fire was out.

Sandoval said fire crews were on site and “thus were able to respond immediately.” Fire crews were at the site overnight.

The investigation is continuing, Sandoval said.
“There will be discussion on what, if any, additional mitigating actions we can implement to lessen a reoccurrence,” Sandoval said. “The fire was in a previously burned area, which was helpful in this instance, i.e., very little fire fuels.”

Sandoval said all procedures were followed, including all safety procedures.

There were no injuries or structures damaged.

According to the lab website, TA-39 was established as a remote, high-explosives test site.
Experiments are conducted at the site to support research on equations-of-state, shock wave phenomena, development of implosion systems, development and application of explosively produced pulses of electrical power, and production of high magnetic fields.

With high temperatures, high winds and no rain, New Mexico and the Southwest have been beset by wildfires.