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By Carol A. Clark

The Los Alamos fire captain charged with reportedly videotaping a female firefighter in a station bathroom resigned Wednesday afternoon.

Capt. Aaron Adair, 36, had been on paid administrative leave since Oct. 18 when police charged him with voyeurism and tampering with evidence.

“I did get a letter of resignation from Aaron Adair this afternoon and it is effective immediately,” Fire Chief Doug Tucker said Wednesday.

Los Alamos County Attorney Randy Autio confirmed that alleged victim Jessica Noah filed a claim against Los Alamos County Wednesday.

“She filed an internal claim that there are policies that may have caused her some harm and we’re looking into that claim,” he said. “I can’t comment further because of the obvious personnel nature of the claim.”

Adair has a wife and five daughters.

Get the full story in Thursday's Los Alamos Monitor.


Good plan. Point the blame at us. We're the ones that told him to put the camera in the bathroom and spy on one of his innocent, unsuspecting subordinates. Moron.

Guilty until proven........

It’s good to know he won’t be around to help people in trouble anymore! I only hope one of the contributors from the last blog (DeeC, TristenJ, Annak, HerbertF, EricM, NMT, Peachy, EV, MichaelL, 1118NM and of course ethanp) who are all law abiding, upstanding members of the community, will be there to step up in our time of need.


Wow. Move. *stay there and hope that they don't photograph you in the shower. I hear that is the thing to do.
And trash ethanp? ok i know that guy, he is a fuck up. but does that mean he needs to be beaten?