Finding value in trash

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By The Staff

Piñon Elmentary School PTO President Gloria Brehm introduced Terracycle to the school last year and the results have been significant.

Three thousand juice pouches have been given to TerraCycle, a company that turns non-recyclable waste into eco-friendly products.

Additionally, 1,000 chip bags have been shipped to the company. The PTO does receive a small fee for its waste. For instance, the PTO receives 2 cents per juice pouch and has earned a total of $60.

 Although with bins collecting trash at Canyon Vista Pool and Piñon Park Pool, more money could be raised. Brehm said the students have really caught on to depleting the amount of garbage that is sent to the landfill.

“I’ve seen some of them digging through the trash,” Brehm said, looking for items to send to TerraCycle.

“They’re doing really good,” she added. Brehm said she encouraged the PTO to get involved with TerraCycle because “I feel very strongly about reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth.”