The fight is on for governor

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By Ned Cantwell

When Barney heard New Mexico’s next governor will either be Democrat Diane Denish or Republican Susana Martinez, he was elated.

“That’s great,” gushed my friend from New Jersey in a phone call last week. “I know I’ve poked a lot of fun at your hick state over the years, but your future is on track with a female governor.”

I knew what Barney was talking about. For years now we have heard about how the world has gone down the toilet at the feet of a male dominated political structure driven by testosterone-crazed politicians primarily concerned with who has the bigger poster.

Wars, famine, corruption have been laid at the feet of power hungry males intent on gobbling up one another’s territory. (“My oil!” “No, my oil!”)

George Bush famously said, promising retaliation to Iraq militants threatening U.S. troops, “Bring ‘em on!” Laura Bush famously reacted by rolling her eyes and telling George to grow up and go sleep on the couch.

Women, it is reasoned, will bring their tender gender proclivities to political leadership with soft communicating skills, the same trait that leads Mom to seat the family at the kitchen table and say, “ok, guys, let’s figure out what is best for all of us.”