Fear of change is a frightful hindrance to area progress

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The fear mongering already has begun on the NM502/Trinity Drive Corridor Project.
Letter writers claimed that on a “narrowed” Trinity emergency vehicles wouldn’t be able to get through or traffic would be at a standstill in the case of a traffic stop. The plan presented at the public meeting on Jan. 11 showed the A1 and A2 options, called “3 lane” options. They have a center lane for left turns and medians, one through-traffic lane each way, and then an extra lane width on each side used for bike lanes, bus pullouts and right turn bays. By design, there is plenty of room for traffic to pull over and, for example, let emergency vehicles through.
I commute along Trinity daily and paid close attention to the presentation.
Although one can’t be sure, the claim of decreased average commute times is credible. No more excessive waiting for red lights or getting stuck behind the stopped Los Alamos buses and the myriad of people turning left and right.
The 3-lane, roundabout options cost less to implement and cost less to maintain then other options. It should be safer for vehicles and pedestrians.
Sure I worry about getting stuck behind slow drivers some times, but to fear change is to fear progress.

Michael Prime
Los Alamos