Fashion Maven: Vogue en route

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By Alexandra Hehlen



For years I have been wishing for a new clothing store to open its doors in Los Alamos.

Finally, my days of silent pleading and finger-crossing have come to an end.
That’s right, a new clothing store isn’t just coming to Los Alamos; it’s driving here.

Santa Fe native and fashion industry savante Colette Rodriguez is bringing her brand new mobile boutique, called the Desert Willow Boutique, to our town. It will be Northern New Mexico’s first fashion-on-wheels retail shop. 

Desert Willow, is a full service Mobile Boutique catering to the customer who is searching for unique quality fashion, sophistication and a convenient location.

“…Desert Willow will carry a variety of dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, jewelry, purses and accessories. I will not carry the typical brands found in malls or department stores. Desert Willow will offer fun and unique items,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez will constantly be restocking her shelves with new clothing and accessories to create “…a unique collection that the customer will be able to mix and match and create multiple outfits. I trend shop local business to assure the styles carried will be new and different.”

All of the products are hand-picked by Rodriguez, are of good quality, follow current trends and are completely affordable. 

“I hope to attract shoppers, that may occasionally drop in, looking for gifts as well. I have customers from the age of 19 to 45 that have shopped in my boutique. Depending on the customer, I have some styles that may be considered more conservative and others that may appeal to a younger crowd,” she said.

Along with providing a variety of clothing that will vary with the flux of fashion fads, Rodriguez anticipates to carry occasion-specific clothing around the time of prom, homecoming and graduation to keep high schoolers from going off The Hill for their attire.

Desert Willow operates currently in Albuquerque, and will be making its Los Alamos debut on May 16 at the Gordon’s Summer Concert Series. 

“The boutique will be in Los Alamos on Fridays evenings during the 2014 summer (and fall) concert series. I may have periodical sales events during the weekend at Sullivan Row,” Rodriguez said.

I got a sneak peek at a few of Desert Willow’s pieces, and I wanted to buy everything. Rodriguez has had extensive experience in the fashion industry, which shines through her excellent product selection.

“I worked in sales at Kenneth Cole and at the marketing office of Louis Vuitton while living in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter I moved to Los Angeles and was hired by Guess Inc? as a technical designer. I shifted my career to product development where I experienced overseas manufacturing and the large scale production process,” Rodriguez said.

For questions or locations of the mobile boutique, visit Rodriguez’s website at desert-willow.weebly.com, or follow her on Twitter @Desertwillow_. 

Rodriguez would also appreciate community feedback in the “Contact” section of her website.
“I anticipate a high turn around on merchandise, so the shopper will always have the opportunity to find new styles more frequently,” Rodriguez said.
She had better be stocking those shelves up quickly, because I’m going to be a very frequent customer. 


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