Fashion Maven: Hectic schedules made for a prom impromptu

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By Alexandra Hehlen



College applications, scholarship deadlines, the last few stressful weeks of school. Twelfth grade is hectic, so it’s no wonder that prom fell down to the bottom of the priority list for many Los Alamos High School seniors this year.

Many students bought their dresses in last-minute haste, desperately combing through the few leftover gowns hanging in stores, hoping to find a gem.

Prom improvisation can be quite difficult, especially when you don’t find a gem. Even though some of the dresses at prom were rather run-of-the-mill, I admired the way the seniors gracefully made the best of their dresses with accessories and creativity.

Whether you find a dress that’s just mediocre or don’t find a dress at all, there are ways to spice up your prom outfit.

Non-high school seniors, listen-up. Here’s some of my advice about the prom dress selection process:

1. The no-brainer that will keep you from having to resort to desperate measures is to start looking for a dress early. The sale racks right around the month of prom are no good, but if you comb through them a few months beforehand, you may find something gorgeous for a low price.

Looking for a dress earlier will also give you a wider range of options to choose from.

2. If you end up looking for a dress last-minute, take a trip to some higher-end thrift stores.

They will often have a bigger selection than stores in the mall, which everyone else will go to and which will therefore be nearly sold out. Some thrifts stores even have vintage pieces; you could thrift a unique gown for very little money.

3. If you don’t find a dress at all, borrow one. Check with your mother, friends or even neighbors. You may be able to find a dress that no one else will wear to the dance, and for no cost at all! You can also put on a dress that you wore in previous years; people oftentimes do not even remember what you wore a whole year ago.

4. If you find a gown at the last minute, but think it is rather mediocre, accessorize it. Earrings, necklaces, shoes, clutches, jackets, makeup and hairstyles are a great way to add personality to a dress that seems simple. 

Although they too put together last-minute prom outfits, Ashlynn Bennett and Calvin McKinley were by far the best-dressed couple at the LAHS prom this year.

Bennett’s sleek hairstyle and simple accessories drew attention to the emerald green gown that accentuated both her figure and complexion. McKinley stood right by her side in a matching bow tie.

The two knew exactly how to dress themselves and demonstrated magnificently that a mix of determination and creativity can create a prom perfect outfit.

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