Fashion Maven: Freshen up with a mid-winter makeover

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Even though spring is here, winter has left its marks on our bodies. We lost our glorious summer tans long ago and instead are the palest we can get. I’m not one to use self-tanner or tanning booths, so in these spring months when the weather is still too chilly to sunbathe, I sometimes like to switch up my makeup for a fresher look.
Although a mini makeover may not make you tanner, it does add some freshness to your skin, which is often drier and more pasty in winter and spring than summer.
I’ve got a six-step process that works for any face and any season.
Apply an almost-white, or a cream eyeshadow lightly to the corners of your eyes and underneath the arch of your eyebrows, extending the shadow almost to the end of the brows. You can even sweep a bit of shimmery, light-colored powder just above your cheekbones. The sheen of this eyeshadow and powder will brighten up and accentuate your features.
If you have green or blue eyes, pull out both a medium brown and a darker, coffee brown eyeshadow. For those of you with brown eyes, use light plum and a dark plum eyeshadows.
First, sweep the lighter shadow onto the creases of your eyes with a small brush, using windshield-wiper motions. Begin at the outer edge of the eye and follow the crease, stopping at the middle of your eye. Next, apply the darker shadow just above the crease, again beginning at the outer edge and stopping at the middle. Blending this darker shadow into the lighter one adds an extra depth and dimension to your eyes.
You can always add more of the darker shadow for greater intensity, as long as you blend the two shadows well. Additionally, for a more dramatic look, apply a dark brown or black eyeliner to your lid, beginning at the eye’s edge and ending slightly after the middle of the eye.
Apply foundation or a BB creme, which is a thinner foundation that evens out the skin tone. Whichever you choose to use, make sure that it has at least SPF 30 for sun protection and that it does not contain pore-clogging mineral oil.
Applying foundation after eye makeup may seem counterintuitive. However, if applied at the beginning of the process, foundation will catch any eyeshadow that dusts off during application. When you remove the eyeshadow smears, the foundation also comes off, and reapplied foundation often ends up making skin look uneven.
Either use a makeup sponge or a large brush to apply the foundation, sweeping it in circular motions across your face.
Bring on the blush. A little rouge goes a long way. Pick a color that gives your cheeks a natural glow rather than a pop. Using a blush the color of your lips never fails.
Use a medium sized brush, sweeping the blush onto the cheekbones, beginning at the back of the cheekbone closest to your ear and extending the rouge to the apples of your cheeks.
For a sun-kissed look, apply some bronzing powder with a large makeup brush or kabuki brush. Sweep the bronzer in a letter “C” shape along the side of your face, starting at the edge of your forehead, passing over your temple and ending below the cheekbone. Dust a bit on the bridge of your nose and your chin for a complete glow.
Define the brows. Using a brow pencil of an appropriate color, fill in any small gaps with little dashes. Make sure not to apply too much; otherwise, your brows will end up looking artificial. I like to brush through my brows with a little comb for extra evenness.
Finish the look with mascara, applying it only to the top lashes for the illusion of a larger eye.
Before you resort to a tanning booth or long for your summer tan, take a moment and rummage through your makeup drawers. A little facelift may just lift your spirits, too.
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