Fashion Maven: Cool Wool

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By Alexandra Hehlen

I   don’t know many knitters, but the few I do know  are experienced and every time I see or wear some of their work, I am inspired.
Knitting is an enormous part of fashion — always changing, yet defined by the artist’s inspiration and personal touch.
Knitwear is so vast that I can only touch on a few ideas, but the point is to get all of you to understand that knitwear is for anyone and everyone and is not limited to a certain type of person.
First on the list, of course, are the sweaters. When you think of the word sweater, some of you might visualize something that resembles the word frumpy.
If this applies to you, I demand that you erase the idea from your mind, unless you are thinking of a Christmas sweater.
Sweaters are so diverse that one word cannot encompass them.
They can be simple, fitted, oversized, shaggy, soft, stringy, eccentric or completely unique. A fashionable sweater must fit well, but if it does run on the larger side, wear a belt.
A sweater decorated with fabulous buttons; knitted with different types of yarn; full of different colors; or made of different shapes can be the focal point of an outfit.
A simple sweater in a neutral color will go perfectly with a pair of jeans worn with ankle boots or heels.
Metallic elements
like bags, shoes or leggings can be paired with sweaters to achieve a fun, yet modern look.
You can’t forget about the huge range of knitwear accessories available on the market. Scarves are a must for wintertime.
When skiing or snowboarding, a scarf made of fuzzy or soft yarn is nice and warm. For a fashionable, chic or modern outfit, wear a unique knitted scarf, which will add some color, or one that is neutral to balance color already existing in the outfit.
Knitted shawls or capes are also wonderful and can be worn over a jacket on cold evenings. Everyone loves knitted socks, but those should be worn when you’re relaxing at home.
Knitted hats are beautiful, especially if they are unique and are not just the regular beanie-type cap. Knitted gloves are a great way to add a spot of color to an outfit, as well.
Knitwear has endless possibilities and I find that the best way to discover the potential, diversity and the stylishness it has to offer, is to explore.
Try on different types, textures, shapes and colors. Ask yourself if you can pair it with what you already have in your modern wardrobe.
Wool makes a statement, so once you find the perfect piece, wear it. Remember, there’s nothing sheepish about wool!