Expect construction vehicles on Main Hill Road

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By The Staff

The Los Alamos Monitor has received a follow up to the Aug. 9 article, “More on summer road construction frenzy.”

The Los Alamos Customer Care Center sourced the information to the Smith’s Marketplace project contractor, the Public Works Department and the Department of Public Utilities engineering team.

Large trucks carrying dirt and building materials will be coming up the Main Hill Road for the next 30-45 days or so, Monday–Saturday, during daytime hours. The trucks are covered to minimize dust.

Smith’s has requested that all construction use the truck route (East Jemez Road), but the hauling trucks are too large to safely make a right hand turn into the site. The approach from the truck route would require a lane closure to safely accomplish the right hand turn. This means the trucks must use the Main Hill Road for their approach and delivery.

In about 14 days, the contractor will re-assess the rate of truck trips for incoming dirt and equipment. If the schedule is lagging, the contractor could extend the hours of truck traffic to include nights and Sundays. Trucks are currently expected to make 50-80 trips per day to the Smith’s Marketplace site.

Smith’s, in a voluntary effort to help thin Main Hill Road traffic has asked their food supplier trucks to use the truck route instead of the Main Hill Road.

When Trinity Drive utility work begins later this month (to extend existing utilities to the new Smith’s Marketplace and upgrade county infrastructure), N.M. 502/Trinity Road traffic patterns will be adjusted. Exact start dates for the work are still being determined, in coordination with current progress on DP Road, permitting and traffic planning.


Thanks, Smiths, for asking the food supplier trucks to use the truck route, but it is the heavy construction trucks carrying dirt and rocks that cause the most concern. First of all, they slow down traffic considerably, possibly causing impatient drivers to pass when they shouldn't pass; and second, rocks and dirt falling off the trucks present a hazard to front-end grills and windshields, even though those loads may be covered. PLEASE, county administrators, petition Santa Fe County to post "Trucks over two tons must use truck route" prior to the "Y." Taking the truck route may add a few minutes' driving time to the drivers, but all Los Alamos drivers (especially commuters) will be forever thankful. Also, there is a passing lane on the truck route, so I don't understand why a lane must be closed!

Santa Fe County

I wonder if Santa Fe County has authority to post such a sign: perhaps only the NM DOT can. I would love it if heavy truck traffic was required to take the truck route, but perhaps we should take up the issue with the State, as the roadway is a State Highway.