Exhibit emanates message of peace

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History > Artist Masaru Tanaka’s father was burned as a child by Hiroshima bombing

The Peace’s New Century Project, a collaboration spanning 14 years, will be exhibited in two locations during early August. The exhibit at Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos will take place Aug. 5-10, with a reception, 4 p.m. on Aug. 6.
At Jemez Fine Art Gallery in Jemez Springs, the exhibit will take place Aug 2-8, with an Aug. 4 reception.
The project is an exchange between artists Betsie Miller-Kusz, of Jemez Valley, whose father was a young graduate student working on the Manhattan Project, and Masaru Tanaka, of Hiroshima, Japan. Tanaka’s father was burned at four years old, when the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
The artists met in San Francisco and began working on the project in 1999, using a collage of Tanaka’s photographs with Miller-Kusz’s paintings of an Earth protecting spirit. The resulting digital images have been shown in Asia and the United States, including the War Memorial Building in San Francisco, the Mirasaka Peace Museum in Hiroshima and the United Nations in New York.
Both artists have devoted themselves to the creation of peace imagery as a result of their family histories. The images are very tranquil, and instill a possibility of dialogue among those who view them.
Miller-Kusz and Tanaka will be present and viewers may share their war experiences and their hopes for a future of peace.
At the exhibit in Jemez Springs, the public is welcome to bring a small object to add to the memorial altars which will be part of both exhibitions.
For more information on the Los Alamos exhibit, email info@fullerlodgeartcenter.com, or call 662-1635. For more information on the Jemez Springs exhibit, email info@jemezfineart.com, or call 575-834-0302.