Excelling in other languages

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By Special to the Monitor

During a German Club meeting on March 23, Sponsor Anita Boshier had organized a celebration for her German students who participated in the National German Exams this year.

Eight students, Emily TenCate, Bethany McBride, Jonathan Robey, Celeste Ranken, Sky Korber, David Li, Hannah Denevers and Rachel Hill received medals and book prizes for being among the top 90th percentile of more than 26,000 students who took the National German Examination administered by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) in 2008.

Founded in 1926, the AATG is the only national organization representing German teachers at all levels of instruction.

The AATG is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the teaching of language, literature and culture of the German-speaking countries.

There were also 12 students, Aubrie Powell, Joseph Weiss, Sabrina Delamarter, Eamon Wilson, Mckay Parkinson, Seth Jennings, Martin Loncaric, Allen Wu, Meredith Webster, Kendra Smale, Cameron Ranken and Elisabeth Wendelberger who scored in the 80th percentile.

They received book prizes. Altogether, 27 students received certificates for doing well in these exams.

But this year was very special.

TenCate was awarded a summer study trip to Germany.

To earn this trip, she scored in the 99th percentile nationally, submitted essays in German and took part in a 20-minute telephone interview in German and was selected to represent New Mexico/El Paso nationally.

In the end, a national committee chose TenCate to take this trip.

Only 39 regular study trips were awarded nationally.

The study trip awards have been made possible for more than 40 years by a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany through its Embassy in Washington, D.C.

TenCate will spend three-and-a-half weeks on a fully funded trip in Germany.