Erickson is top predictor Tuesday

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By The Staff

A few runners went the extra mile at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ pace race, although they didn’t mean to.

This week’s pace race was held Tuesday at Big Rock Loop. In all, 19 runners took part in the run.

Because of some confusion over the race’s pavement markings, several runners took a wrong turn and ended up running approximately one extra mile.

The top predictor this week was John Erickson, who finished only two seconds off his predicted finish time on the 3-mile course, while Duane Marr had an adjusted error of 9 seconds on the 1-mile course.

The fastest finisher on the short course was Roy Cope, who completed it in 11 minutes, 56 seconds. He was followed by Anya Gonzales, who clocked a 12:57.

On the 3-mile course, Ted Romero finished in 20:56, while Deidre Witherell finished in 21:02.

The next pace race will start at Mountain Meadows Playlot and go through Cañada del Buey Trail in White Rock.

For more information about next week’s race, call 672-9243 or visit the club’s website at www.atomicrunners.com.