An enlightening experience

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By Jay Miller

SANTA FE — Having trouble figuring which presidential candidate to vote for? Pollsters tell us more people than ever are expected to stay away from the voting booth this November. In many cases these are people who usually vote but are so turned off by the parties and their candidates that they don’t know what to do.
One solution is a new website, created in March, called “I Side With.” The site asks a series of questions on the major issues of the campaign. You can answer yes or no or even qualify your answer.
The site will then compare your answers with the stands of presidential candidates.
They have tossed in a half-dozen minor party candidates too.
You are then presented with information on which candidate you most side with on the issues. You also learn where you stand with the major party candidates and the minor party candidates with whom you most agree.
You also find out how you side with all New Mexicans and all Americans who took the poll. And you learn how you fit in with various party platforms.
The results also are cross- tabbed so that you can compare yourself with the candidates on each of eight different issues. The poll also is connected with Facebook and Twitter so you can see how you compare with your friends there.