Enjoy the Shao

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By Lily Johnson

Alice Shao sat cozily on a couch, a smile spread wide across her face, ready to dish on her recent selection to perform as clarinetist at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, the famous concert auditorium.
Shao, a junior at Los Alamos High School, was nominated by Zane Meek, the band teacher at Los Alamos High School, to perform in Carnegie Hall’s Honors Performance Series on Feb. 10.
The performance will feature students from the United States and Canada, and Alice is the only student going from Los Alamos. “It’s an honor to be performing at Carnegie,” Shao said.
Shao flew to New York City on Thursday, where she will go through placement auditions that will determine what she will be playing and whether she has a solo. The ensemble rehearsed those days, and performs on Monday.
The pieces chosen for this performance are “Gavorkna Fanfare” by Jack Stamp, “My Jesus! Oh, What Anguish (Mein Jesu! Was Für Seelenweh)” by Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Alfred Reed, “Children’s March (Over the Hills and Far Away)” by Percy Aldridge Grainger, arr. R. Mark Rogers, “The Dream of Oenghus, Op. 37 (Part 1)” by Rolf Rudin and “Don Ricardo” by Gabriel Musella.
Ticket prices range from $60 to $200. The show is open to the public. “I think most of the people going will be parents,” Shao said.
Shao practices her B-flat clarinet for about an hour each day. She actually started her musical career with the flute, but “that didn’t work well at all,” she said. Shao soon discovered that the B-flat clarinet was easier for her to play.
Not only will Shao experience the thrill of performing in front of many people in world-renowned Carnegie Hall, she will also get the chance to witness New York City for the second time in her life. Shao and other students in the ensemble will see a Broadway show together.
For more information about the Honors Performance series, visit honorsperformance.org/home-program.