The dumb grid

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I read with some interest your recent article on Smart Grids.  I manage a small company in Santa Fe, and recently we cancelled our participation in PNM’s voluntary smart grid program.  A few months ago we were approached by PNM to allow them to control our air conditioning thermostat for a reduction in our electric rate.  This sounded like a reasonable deal since they were only going to turn the thermostat up a degree or two during peak use periods.

   Last Tuesday we found out what they really had in mind.  They turned up the thermostat and the temperature in our building went well over 80 degrees.  It was bad enough that we sent people home.  Our $25 a month savings on our electric bill cost us several hundred dollars in lost work time in one afternoon.

   I would like to know from Mr. Arrowsmith, Mr. Rao and Mr. Erickson if this is the vision that they have for the future electrical grid.  Your article seemed to imply that this kind of crappy service would go hand-in-hand with increases in renewable energy sources. If this is what they really have in mind, then it’s no wonder that Mr. Rao thought that getting people to buy into this was going to be the hardest part.

Rick Nebel

Los Alamos