Duck Buddies to the rescue

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By The Staff

You may be wondering what happened to the ducks and geese at Ashley Pond.

In cold winters, the pond freezes over despite the fountain, reducing open water space for the ducks, inhibiting their ability to obtain food and making them vulnerable to predator attack.  Our feathered friends are doing fine in their sanctuary cage down at the Airport Basin after the Duck Buddies and friends moved them from the frozen pond to the old Animal Shelter, then to a large cage at the Airport Basin. The LAC Parks Department built the cage to our specifications to protect them from predators, provided us with a straw bale shelter, and is providing water.  Diana Stepan, assistant county  administrator, was very helpful, she got things done, and came down to check it out when we moved the fowl from the old animal shelter (which was due to be demolished the next day).  Jeff Humpton, the parks superintendent, has been very helpful also, and we also appreciate the hands-on building of the cage by the parks staff.  Lots of private citizens helped with capturing, moving and sheltering the waterfowl They included Pat and Carl Max, Jo Ferdinand, Shawn McWhorter, Skip from the Monitor, Nyree Cox and Jason Cox, Phyllis Pippen, Dale Carstensen, Tina Sibbitt and Selma Kettwich.  Bob and Cathy Anderson, of Fur and Feathers, parent nonprofit of Duck Buddies, provided invaluable advice and guidance.  

Pat Max, her husband Carl, and I are doing the daily feeding and cleaning the cage.  

Three geese and 13 ducks are doing well and we are all anxiously waiting for enough of a thaw to return them safely to the pond for all to enjoy.

Duck Buddies is a non-profit citizen organization that provides general safekeeping to the Ashley Pond ducks and geese and welcomes financial support at Duck Buddies of Los Alamos, C/O Sallye Sibbitt, 939 Tewa Loop, Los Alamos, NM 87544. We maintain a fund for veterinary care and a possible future shelter; Pat and I buy all the food out of our own pockets.  Remember to stop by and say hi to the Duck Buddies at the upcoming Earth Day celebration at PEEC.

Sallye Sibbitt

The Duck Buddies of Los Alamos