Duck Buddies to the rescue

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By Special to the Monitor

  Thirteen of 15 ducks and all three geese were temporarily relocated from Ashley Pond Park to the former Animal Shelter after the fountain at Ashley Pond began freezing over last week.


  “The remaining two ducks not captured had been observed as being able to fly and thus they should be able to fly away from any predator,” Los Alamos County Public Information Officer Julie Habiger wrote in an e-mail notice to the Monitor.

  In the notice the ducks and geese were reported to rely upon the fountain to maintain a circle of water in the middle of the pond where they can safely escape predators such as coyotes. A part of the fountain system failed earlier this week and the part has been ordered by the county parks department. Below normal temperatures across New Mexico subsequently led to ice freezing at the fountain, putting the ducks in danger and in need of a new shelter on a temporary basis.

  Habiger gave special thanks to the “Duck Buddies” — local volunteers who gathered up the ducks and geese Friday and transported them safely to the former Animal Shelter. The Duck Buddies will care for the ducks and geese at the shelter throughout the weekend. She also thanked local resident Patricia Max, who organized the Duck Buddies for the capture, transport and care.