Driving home a point

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By John Pawlak

I was only 12 years old, but I remember sitting in the car with my father, listening to soft music, enjoying the fragrant scent of flowers, and wondering who was in that coffin.  It was a “drive-through funeral” and my father (like many other curious drivers) stopped to see if it was really true.
Well, yes, a funeral home had set up a drive-through area so that people could drive up, spend some time looking at the body in the window, and enjoy the pleasant ambiance piped out to the car.
Today, you can drive-through at the bank.  You can drive-through for a cup of joe.  There are drive-through pharmacies, restaurants, laundromats, prayer vigils, postal services, car washes, grocery pickup, and even marriage chapels.
But perhaps the strangest (and dumbest) idea ever was the drive-through liquor store.  New Mexico used to have them and I’ve heard that they still exist around the country.
Seriously, is there a theoretical limit to stupid?  Sell liquor to drivers while still in their car?  Why not just set up a lemonade stand for thirsty drivers with an optional shot of rum?