Downtown businesses would suffer under a one-lane Trinity Drive

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I am writing to voice my concerns over the proposed Trinity Drive options A1 and A2.
I regularly travel into the downtown area from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and use Trinity on an almost daily basis to run errands and visit my mother living in Aspen Ridge.
If Trinity is reduced to one lane as proposed, traffic will be at a standstill in the event of an accident, police traffic stop or any type of EMS call.
Has anyone spoken to the EMS providers or the hospital to see how this will impact their ability to provide emergency services?
Because Central Avenue is already one lane in each direction, this has to be considered. Using Central to access many businesses, let alone Aspen Ridge, is usually not an option precisely because it is a one-lane road that makes travel both slow and unpredictable.  
We are constantly encouraged to “shop locally” and I do my best to support downtown shops and restaurants. How will this be accomplished if the employees on a lunch break cannot enter town in a timely manner?  
Narrowing Trinity will also ultimately make Central more congested, and therefore more dangerous to the pedestrians who use it.  
If Pajarito Road is closed to LANL traffic as of 2012 as the lab is now proposing, all of the Pajarito traffic will be forced through Trinity and Central.  
This adds another layer of congestion that hasn’t been addressed.
Our businesses will suffer. Is this what we want for this town?

Quinn McCulloch
Los Alamos


Some good points here

I think you make some good points here.

Some of the Los Alamos County citizens and Councilors, with support of a MIG, Inc. Study, are advocating huge changes to NM502. They have a set of "reasons" why this is a terrific idea. I urge citizens of Los Alamos to pay attention to these plans (2 thru-traffic lanes plus 9 roundabouts on Trinity and East Road), and to think about some of the disadvantages and adverse consequences of the plan. Please take a look at the NM502 information on my website at www.wcmead.org

William Mead