Don't hit pets and run

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By The Staff

On Tuesday, Dec. 24 at about 3 p.m., my Basset Hound, Gracie, was killed on the corner of 44th St. and Sandia in the Western Area right in front of my house. Whoever hit her, didn’t even stop.

It has taken a few weeks to “get my voice.” Gracie had been with us about a year. As a rescue Basset, she had been through a lot. But she came to us with a kind and gentle nature and fit right in with our family. She was the best hiking Basset we have ever had (and we’ve had five over the last 25 years), going up to 20 miles a day. She loved camping, our daily walks, our grandkids, the kids in our neighborhood. She was always ready for a good rub on the tummy. Gracie truly “graced” our lives. Her time with us was short. I miss her.

To the person who hit her and chose not even to stop, I am both sad and angry. Gracie deserved your respect and your kindness. I deserved your respect and your kindness. If she had been a child, would you have stopped?

To the neighborhood folks who took the time to stop, to wrap her in a blanket and to carry her to my flowerbed, I say thank you. Neighbors do help each other.

Please keep an eye out for any animals while driving. And if you happen to, God forbid, hit someone’s dog or cat, please stop. It’s the right thing to do.

Joan Primak

Los Alamos