Don’t dis da flag

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By John Pawlak

The Fourth of July brings lively conversations to the picnic tables each year. How are the kids doing?  

Did you hear that Doreen got married?

How is Aaron enjoying college?  

Burn any flags lately?

You don’t hear much about flag burning during the rest of the year, but Independence Day seems to always throw fuel on the subject. Every year, people who couldn’t tell you what the Ninth Amendment is if their life depended on it take a fervent stand against those burning the flag.  

And so with stars and stripes illuminating the background, well, as they say, let the fireworks begin.

Burning the flag is primarily designed to provoke outrage.  It does little to change anything and since most American flags these days are made in China, the worst aspect of burning a flag is the possibility of inhaling formaldehyde fumes.

But actually, I don’t want to talk about burning the flag. We’ll save that for another day (after I move and get an unlisted address).  What I’d like to do is discuss the daily desecration of the flag by people who otherwise think they are honoring it.