Don’t buy commercial property for the Municipal Building location

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By Joel M. Williams

Okay, so we are going to have higher property tax. That’s not surprising.

Now, since this implies that Los Alamos needs more revenue, the Municipal Building selection group seems oblivious to what is going on around them in making some recent decisions.

They threw it out using “Trinity Place” because that would use a space that would generate revenue. I found that far-sighted. Now we find that one of the two final options involves dipping into county funds to purchase more commercial property for unknown numbers of dollars with the added “benefit” that property tax revenues will be lost forever as the property becomes public. It is time for the committee to understand that it is not benefiting the rest of us by suggesting that the Los Alamos public entity buy more land and have us pay forever the lost property tax revenue generated.

If the committee is down to two options and only one uses land already owned by the county, then the committee is down to only one option. If the council even thinks about authorizing building on a site that it does not already own, those who support that option should be recalled immediately. If such is actually authorized, then the citizenry should immediately take action to have it rescinded.

It is time for those in the decision-making process to exercise some rational thinking. It is also time to let commercial property owners know that their property is commercial property and should remain so. As a Los Alamos resident, I am not interested in giving them millions of dollars of county funds to relieve them of their obligation to pay taxes to be made up by the rest of us. If the municipal building committee feels that owners of commercial property need to be enriched with public funds, then those committee members should buy that property themselves and see that it remains commercial and supplies monies to the county coffers. Converting commercial property to public property, when the public already owns lots of property (prime at that!), is not in the best interest of the public!

Joel M. Williams

Los Alamos