Don’t raise property taxes

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Dear Editor,
As everyone should know by now they will be receiving a mail-in ballot to vote on a General Obligation Bond to support the construction of a new leisure pool at the Aquatic Center.
  I’m all for this new pool but not at the expense of me having to pay higher property taxes which is how these type of bonds are paid for.  The property taxes in this town are ridiculous as it is and I’m sure not going to pay any more!  And don’t tell me the property taxes won’t go up.  I’ve heard that one before.
 This county has plenty of money and other financial resources (if they’d quit wasting it on useless “Studies”) without us having to cough up more money to support such items as a new leisure pool.  I also believe that the only people that should be allowed to vote on such items are the ones that will end up paying for them.  Those being the ones that have to pay the property taxes.
I also know, as a landlord, that if the property taxes go up so will the rent I charge to my tenants.  I’m sure other landlords will do the same. So “Renters” don’t think your not going to have to pay for this leisure pool by voting yes.
Therefore I encourage everyone, especially the ones that have to pay the property taxes, to vote “NO” on this mail in ballot and let the council figure out another way to finance it.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Robert Visel
Los Alamos