Don’t get burned when trying to buy firewood

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By The Staff

Cooler temperatures and the smell of wood burning in stoves across New Mexico is a sure sign that fall is here and winter is right around the corner.
“This time of year the temperature drops fast once the sun goes down, which means tens of thousands of New Mexicans will turn to their  woodstoves to help heat their homes,” said Noreen Jaramillo, New Mexico Department of Agriculture public information officer.
“But residents need to be careful who they buy their wood from. If they aren’t, they could lose money.”  
Under New Mexico Weights and Measures Law, which is enforced by NMDA’s Standards and Consumer Services Division (SCS), fuel wood must be advertised and sold by the cord or fractional part of a cord.  
“Many firewood consumers don’t realize that a “cord of wood” is an actual measurement,” said Ray Johnson, SCS assistant division director. “In years past we had trouble with people selling wood out of the bed of their truck or on a trailer that didn’t equal a cord of wood.  Well, this year we have also received complaints from the unlawful sale of firewood online — specifically on Craigslist.  
It is not illegal to advertise online, but it is illegal to advertise that you are going to sell wood in unspecified quantities such as truckload of wood, face cord, rack, piles, or loose cord.”
The legal definition of a cord is 128 cubic feet (commonly stacked as 4’x4’x8’) which can be determined by multiplying the height x width x depth of a neatly stacked cord.