A DIY slime plush for Minecraft

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By The Staff

 Minecraft is a building game that can be played alone, or with multiple players. This game requires players to place and break various types of blocks in a three-dimensional gaming environment. This game, played on PCs, is free for download at the Minecraft website.
This game is becoming popular, making players want to collect Minecraft merchandise. Buying these collectables can add up to high costs, especially during the holiday season. To help lessen the pain in parents’ pocketbooks this season, follow the instructions below to ensure you have a Minecraft collectable at a low price.
Two sheets of fabric that are different shades of green (light and dark), one sheet of black fabric (we used a dark green felt), a hot glue gun with extra glue (or a sewing kit if you know how to sew), one piece of paper(8 x 11), scissors, rulers, two bags of cotton balls (large).
The total cost of everything: — a whopping $5! We got our fabric at a thrift shop for $2 and cotton at Smith’s for $3 and we already had everything else. Let’s get started.
1. Make your standard 8x11 paper into a square by folding one corner to the adjacent edge and cut off the rectangle off (this step is often used in origami to get a perfect square). This piece of paper will be your first template.
2. Trace six squares (using the paper tracer cut out in step one) onto your dark green fabric and cut them out.
3. Cut two inches of height and length off of your paper square. You will use this to trace more squares.
4. Trace six squares on your light green fabric using the modified paper square from step three and cut them out.
5. In your black fabric, cut out three squares that are two inches by two inches.
6. Glue your light green fabric onto your dark green and make sure it is centered to your liking.
7. On one side, make a slime face using the three black squares you cut out in step five (Look at picture below).
8. Now, you can start gluing the squares together. To do this, use your hot glue gun to glue along the edges of the squares, making a net for a cube. See the pictures below.
9. Start creating your slime cube. Glue the sides together, but create the cube inside-out (with the eyes facing inward). Leave one edge unglued.
10. Flip your cube inside-out again. Now it is facing the right way.
11. Fill your cube with cotton
12. Glue the last edge/side shut (you may want a friend to help) and you are done.