Diamond Drive Phase 2 still not complete

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By Jennifer Garcia

  The Diamond Drive Phase 2 Project was slated for completion on Dec. 19, however, it’s been over a month since that deadline and the contractor, AS Horner, has still not finished the project work to County staff’s satisfaction.

  Because of recent inclement weather, the contractor has requested a suspension of the project, citing that the weather prohibits construction crews from working on the punch list items that need to be completed.

  County staff has agreed to a suspension, but have stressed to the contractor that a date needs to be agreed upon for which to resume work. In addition, county staff has been advised that the contractor is also working on a justification for a contract time extension.

  Though they have requested the suspension, AS Horner will continue to work on some of the punch list items that can be accomplished even during cold weather. County staff has agreed to allow the contractor to work during the suspension, however, AS Horner must give staff a 24-hour notice before they start working. In addition to the notice, if traffic will be impeded, the contractor must also have an approved traffic control plan in place. Work on the punch list items is being restricted and can only be performed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

  Phase 2 of the Diamond Drive Project has affected 35th Street to South of 39th Street since the project began in April 2008. The project construction has included replacing and under-grounding all of the existing utility lines, including gas, water, sewer, electric and Qwest and Comcast facilities in addition to complete roadway and sidewalk reconstruction, as well as widening of the roadway to accommodate a middle turning late and 5’ bike lanes.

  While the majority of the work has been completed, there are still a few items that need work. “The weather has been good, but some of the pavement re-work and roadway striping will require warmer weather,” Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman said.  “At this point, we anticipate all of the work for this phase should be completed by t he end of April.”

  Zimmerman also said that county staff will present a project status to Council during the Feb. 3 County Council meeting.

  Work for Phase 3 will soon be underway, as well. The design has been completed and the project was advertised for bid on Jan. 11, 2009. Phase 3 will start south of School Canyon and continue to North Road.