Denish raises $1M for governor’s race

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Lt. Gov. is running unopposed on the June 1 primary election ballot

By Special to the Monitor

SANTA FE — Lt. Gov. Diane Denish has nearly $2.6 million stockpiled in her campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor, giving her a large fundraising advantage over the Republicans in a crowded gubernatorial primary field.

Denish reported Monday that her campaign had received monetary contributions of $1.1 million and in-kind contributions of goods and services worth $51,308 from October through April 5. Her campaign spent $715,539.

Five Republicans are seeking the GOP nomination for governor. Denish is running unopposed on the June 1 primary election ballot.

Former state GOP chairman Allen Weh used personal money to give a financial boost to his gubernatorial campaign.

Weh raised $691,003, with a half-million dollars of that from a personal loan, according to a summary released by the campaign. He previously had loaned his campaign $250,000.

Weh’s campaign spent $519,026 and received $48,843 worth of in-kind contributions. The campaign had a cash balance of $544,142 as of last week. Weh owns an air charter company in Albuquerque.

Susana Martinez, Dona Ana County district attorney, collected contributions of $428,064, with about half raised since last month when she won the most support from delegates at the party’s preprimary nominating convention and gained the top position on the GOP primary ballot.

Martinez received in-kind donations of $50,720. Her campaign spent $194,809 and had a cash balance of $363,913.

Doug Turner, an Albuquerque businessman, raised $400,772, including candidate loans of $198,746. His campaign spent $351,657 and had a cash balance of $260,215.

Turner’s campaign received in-kind contributions of $174,925.

Pete Domenici Jr., an Albuquerque lawyer, raised $372,108, including $70,000 in loans from the candidate. In-kind donations totaled $14,931.

Domenici’s campaign spent $242,409, and had cash-on-hand of $129,699.

Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones of Albuquerque received monetary contributions of $164,587 and in-kind donations of $22,021. Her campaign listed loans of $54,193 from individuals, vendors and $500 from the candidate.

Arnold-Jones reported expenditures of $154,747, and a cash balance of $18,126 in her campaign account.

Monday was the deadline for candidates and political committees to file reports on campaign contributions and expenditures since last fall.

It also was the first time that candidates used a new computer system at the secretary of state’s office to submit their reports.

Several gubernatorial campaigns reported technical problems in trying to electronically file their campaign finance disclosures.

The secretary of state’s office extended the filing deadline past 5 p.m. to allow its staff to work with campaigns that needed help in submitting their reports through the computer system.

Among Denish’s top contributors were EMILY’S List, a national political action committee that backs Democratic women, $55,000; the Democratic Governors’ Association, $25,000; the law firm of Heard, Robins, Cloud and Lubel, which has offices in Texas and Santa Fe, $25,000; Jeffrey Wilson, a Roswell businessman, $25,000; and the Service Employees International Union, $20,000.