Demography may be destiny

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Predictions startling for states with Hispanics

By The Staff

 Is demography destiny?

 If so, say some experts, states with growing Hispanic populations seem doomed to fail, weighed down with ineffective school systems and abysmal test scores.

One academic recently predicted that states like New Mexico will become the “Appalachia of the 21st Century.”

He based his prediction on well-known statistics concerning the dropout and low achievement scores of Hispanic students.  

Nationwide, Hispanics drop out of high school at appalling rates. When they do graduate, they have achievement test scores roughly equivalent on average to 8th grade Anglo students.  

How about it New Mexico: are you going to accept this fate for your children and your state?

States can overcome this challenge. How do we know? Florida.

Startling statistics show that with abundant school choice and systemic education reform, Florida’s Hispanic students already eclipse the average academic performance of many states.

Tackling education reform in Florida is a tougher nut to crack than in Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

Low-income students make up almost half of the K-12 student body, with a “majority minority” ethnic mix.

Florida spends below the national average on per student funding.